Mr. James Tomas was born and grew up in Malaysia.
He has spent years in IT, especially studying the Algorithm behind multiple search engine
platforms such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, E-Commerce and Social Media platforms such as
Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Tik Tok etc….

He was among the Top IT and Search engine Algorithm consultants in Malaysia.
Provide advice and guidance to thousands of people globally on how to achieve the best results in search engine optimization regarding E-commerce, Social Media, Trade Portal etc….His best achievement and trade secret is to educate people on how to achieve the best result in their Online Advertisement at Lowest Cost possible.

Today, Mr James Tomas (JT) has designed multiple courses on how to:


1. Place your company domain at top in Google search without paying a single cent to Google

2. How to advertise on Facebook and get thousands of responses with low marketing cost.

3. Understanding Amazon algorithm and how to sell your product with high ranking position

4. How to use Tik Tot to advertise your business effectively. Tik Tok would be the next facebook in the near future….as the trend grows enormously.